Kalinga Global provides top-notch HR consultancy near your fingertips. The only Consultancy in Odisha to have a license from the Government of India for overseas recruitment. We have consultants that are adept in IT, accounting, sales, finance, marketing, and of course human resource management.

With a deep understanding of everything from organizational management to labor laws to equal opportunity employment and beyond, basically everything involved in creating a career. We follow the directions meticulously and provide our clients with a wide array of services.

Services for employers:

  • Quality candidates with sound knowledge and on-field experience.
  • The complete facility from research to recruitment.
  • Continuous and strict inspection from time to time to ensure the best performance of employees.
  • Services for candidates:

  • Resume writing.
  • Genuine job postings.
  • Mock interviews and key points to ace the interview.
  • Major Responsibilities of hr consulting: –

    To present training sessions on complex HR procedures, from answering questions on policy, human resource consultants are largely responsible for a company’s continued compliance with human resources policy.

    How to become a human resource consultant: –

    Human resources by creating and developing models specific to the organizations that hire them, that the company is effectively using its personnel to achieve its stated goals to ensure, human resources consultants work. HR consultants Serve the best interests of the company.