Why AI can never replace manpower

Why AI can never replace manpower

Living in a world where technology has set its pace to take over manpower, we often get scary sights of individuals constantly being afraid of losing their jobs. The question lies, "Is Artificial Intelligence good enough to overpower human intelligence?" Not really. It's unarguable that everything cannot fall into the category of automation, specially when it comes to creative ideas, personal touch, problem solving or situational decisions; AI can never be a replacement to manpower. Through Corporate Training, we at KGS focus on training individuals to sharpen their creativity, skills and innovative ideas which makes them rise above the fear of being replaced by machines.

AI makes humans more powerful and their work easier. Let us take the example of the recruitment process of any company, the job consists of researching suitable candidates for various organizations, this calls for  good interactions with the candidates. AI, here, takes over the repetitive task of going through resumes and short listing people on the basis of their skill set. and shows us the list of eligible candidates, but only a human can evaluate the attitude and approach of the selected candidate and choose the best one for posting.

Here is why technology can never fully replace a valuable employee-

  • Customization or Personal Touch

AI systems function on codes, generally generated and designed by humans, that generally sets up a stringent pathway for the work to take place. This, needless to say, is very monotonous as well as outdated. With the changing time, we have observed; a drastic shift in consumers. They prefer their products or services to be altered every now and then to best suit their living standards. Even with constantly improving AI, it’s impossible for a machine to use its own intelligence to deliver the perfect product. It can follow instructions very minutely but only a human can effortlessly trigger the chain of commands and give every service a human touch.

  • Creativity

The human brain can take inspiration from anything and everything around it and create or develop new ideas and then channel the idea to make a successful business or a product. Industries need that kind of innovation to sustain. So creative employees enable the companies to think greater or sometimes out of the box. Behind every new venture, every big growth or success of a new product, there's a team of employees who could foresee the bigger picture. Machines can replicate humans, and even eliminate the errors, but can never overpower them in terms of creativity.

  • Situational Application

Artificial intelligence is only smart in giving a smooth count or brief of data whereas, to understand the context of a situation and accounting things beyond the data, a human being is our only choice. One of the most essential factors that make humans more valuable than AI is the real-life understanding of situational circumstances, business factors and other critical data that isn't always stated explicitly.

  • Conclusion

To make mistakes is to be human, this is where AI actually comes into play; eliminating the human error. While it's unavoidable that technology will eliminate many occupations, it's notable that it cannot take the place of every job. Creativity, innovation and skill are things that machines cannot replicate at this time nor in near future. Without input from humans, AI can’t function as it’s supposed to.