How to stay motivated in Job Search

How to stay motivated in Job Search

When you've been on a job search for quite a long time, it is obvious to feel frustrated when things aren't going as you planned. The longer you are on the job hunt, the tougher it becomes. However, maintaining a positive outlook can help you become resilient and bounce back bigger and better. Here are a few tips to stay positive and motivated in your job search process.


Expand your network

Your network is your net worth. ~ Porter Gale

Focus on expanding your network in all possible ways, be it getting in touch with job consultancies or career coaches or being a part of various Facebook or LinkedIn groups, which are made for job alerts. Join and connect with people who can help you with the load of job-seeking through their own experiences and also who can give you emotional and mental support.


Set small and achievable goals

Setting small goals which are measurable and achievable will help you to stay motivated in your job search even when things are not moving as swiftly as you expected. Set up specific daily or weekly goals so that you can track your progress at regular intervals. These goals will help you get over stress and frustration and will make you feel productive.


For example, you can make a list of your dream companies or the companies you'd like to work with and set deadlines to research about the companies and apply there. You can also make a list of your achievements to remind yourself what all you've learnt and accomplished which will help you stay motivated when you're feeling down.


Focus on your professional development

Try to think beyond just applying for jobs or writing resumes or cover letters. Make sure that you focus on your personal progress. Give some time to work on your professional development by reading various books, watching videos on topics like how to face a job interview etc. If you feel irritated to sit idle, consider volunteering till you get a job of your choice. This will help you in keeping busy and skill-building, which will, in turn, strengthen your resume. You will get something new to talk about in your further job interviews. Volunteering is also a great way to expand your networking.



Spending every next moment obsessing on finding a good job can lead to a lot of frustration. In that case, take a step back. Prioritize your work but also indulge yourself in self-care activities and take out time for friends and family. Take short breaks and ensure proper sleep. These will help you maintain a positive outlook about yourself and you can return to work better motivated and focussed. Above all, remind yourself constantly that things will fall into place eventually.